After Drake Used Halle Berry's Photo For His Single Cover, She Confirmed The Rumors Swirling Around It

 Halle Berry and Drake
Halle Berry and Drake

Halle Berry is well known for a plethora of reasons. Obviously, she’s an Academy Award-winning actress and one of Hollywood’s most impeccable dressers. In recent years though, she’s also earned attention for sharing honest thoughts on social media whenever someone references her. She became a topic of conversation this weekend, as it was revealed that rapper Drake was going to use a photo of her for the cover of one of his newest singles. It was subsequently rumored that Berry wasn’t too pleased with that decision, and she’s since confirmed that speculation.

Drake is set to release a brand new album called All the Dogs and has already released two singles. The second of the pair is titled “Slime You Out,” and that track also features acclaimed songstress SZA. What many across the Internet really seemed to take notice of, though, is the fact that Halle Berry is featured on the alternate cover for the single. The image specifically shows her getting slimed at the 2012 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards. Rumors later began to circulate about whether the Grammy-winning actor-turned-singer consulted Berry first before making the creative choice.

This weekend, the X-Men icon took to her Instagram account to share a somewhat cryptic statement. Featuring only an emoji for its caption, the post included a title card with a message on it. You can check out what the actress had to say by checking out her message down below:

After the post went live, a number of her fans quickly surmised that she was referring to the “Take Care” singer’s post. One user by the name of SLIcartist asked Halle Berry directly if her message was in response to the single cover. She revealed that to be the case with the following response:

Didn’t get my permission. That’s not cool[.] I thought better of him! Hence my post today. When people you admire disappoint you[,] you have to be the bigger person and move on !

Fans seemingly joined in the chorus of disapproval, throwing their support towards the Bruised director. She agreed with a response from a different user who commented on the matter and didn’t mince words:

Exactly!! It’s about principles and integrity. so happy many of you get that.

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It should be pointed out that the actress herself doesn’t actually hold the rights to the image. That ownership would more than likely remain in the hands of Nickelodeon and its parent company, Paramount Media Groups. It’s unclear as to whether Drake cleared the cover with them. However, one would think that the company may have something to say about a screenshot from one of its youth-oriented events being used in promotion for a sexually explicit song.

If anything, you can’t help but admire self-love expert Halle Berry for being honest while sharing her thoughts. It’s been interesting to see just how candid she can be whenever she posts to social media. Earlier this year, she received praise after clapping back at a hater who said she was too old to post nudes. She’s also proven to be incredibly self-deprecating, as she even poked fun at her movie characters’ tendency to save kids.

As of right now, Drake has yet to issue a formal response to Halle Berry, and it’ll honestly be interesting to see if he reaches out. The ball definitely seems to be in his court now that Berry has made her thoughts known on the interwebs.