Draymond Green responds to Twitter death threats: 'I feel bad for him...I just pray he gets the help that he needs.'

Twitter can be just an awful, awful place. It grants keyboard warriors the ability to say anything and direct it toward anyone. And Sunday afternoon epitomized that issue when comedian Andrew Polk tweeted out the following about Golden State Warriors forward Draymond Green during the Warriors’ Game 4 win over the New Orleans Pelicans:

Polk’s account, which was verified by Twitter and had thousands of followers, was deactivated shortly thereafter. But the account was restored a couple of hours later, and he tweeted an apology upon his return to the website.

But the apology did not go over well, especially with Green’s teammate David West, who tweeted back “MAN [EXPLETIVE] U.” Polk once again deleted his account, and it has remained deleted since.

The Los Angeles-based comedian is originally from Ruston, Louisiana, roughly 375 miles from New Orleans, so it would make sense that he’s rooting against Green in this series, but his tweet clearly went way overboard. Green was his typical stat-stuffing self in Sunday afternoon’s win with eight points, nine rebounds, nine assists, four steals and two blocks and was a team-high plus-28 as the Warriors went up 3-1. Green, whose 15 technical fouls were second-most in the NBA this regular season, also had a technical in the game, his first of these playoffs.

He was asked about the tweet after the game and handled it quite well with a lengthy answer:

It’s certainly not the first time Green, who is one of the league’s feistiest and most confrontational and controversial players, has been on the receiving end of hateful language. In fact, it’s not even the first time this week a notable person has used violent language toward Green: On Tuesday, TNT studio analyst Charles Barkley said he hopes someone punches Green in the face, a statement he apologized for — but did not retract — a day later.

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Comedian Andrew Polk tweeted, “I hope Draymond Green gets shot in the face…” during Game 4 between the Warriors and Pelicans. (AP Photo/Ben Margot)