Found! A dream part-time job for 2021: Earning £4k as a slipper tester

Marie Claire Dorking
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You could earn £40k-a-year as a slipper tester. (Getty Images)
You could earn £40k-a-year as a slipper tester. (Getty Images)

Slippers have become our footwear of choice, as we spend more time at home in PJs and loungewear due to coronavirus restrictions.

If you dream of getting paid for your newfound expert insight on cosy footwear, you could apply to be a slipper tester and be a shoe-in for the role (*groans*).

A nightwear company is looking to hire one man and one woman to test and review its latest slipper designs.

Not only will the new hires get free pairs of cosy footwear to try, they’ll also be paid £333 a month, for two days consultancy on all things slippers, loungewear and homeware,.

That works out as a salary of £40k (pro-rata) for your time and critiques, however, as you’d only be working two days a month, you would earn just under £4k for the year.

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The dream job of 2021 is up for snagging thanks to Bedroom Athletics, with the successful candidates being asked to wear the slippers for 12 hours a day, two days a month.

But before you rush to submit your application, it’s worth noting that the role will run for 12 months, so you will need to consider whether you’ll still be able to stick to your slipper testing duties post-pandemic.

Interested applicants need to fill out a form online explaining why they’d be the perfect tester. Applications close at the end of February with the successful testers chosen in March.

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Commenting on the cosy new role, Howard Wetter, founder of Bedroom Athletics said: “We’re a small but growing business and have already employed two new senior members of staff in the last three months.

“With the two new slipper testers on-board, we’ll be in an even better position to provide the UK’s working from home work-force with second-to-none quality slippers.

“I can’t wait to see the applications, with recent lockdowns across the UK we hope it will be the perfect job for someone, it really is a great role to slip into.”

It seems the opportunity has come at just the perfect time as recent research reveals 86% of people say they enjoy no longer having to wear shoes during work time.

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You could get paid to test out cosy slippers. (Getty Images)
You could get paid to test out cosy slippers. (Getty Images)

Meanwhile experts have also recommended people wear slippers at home, as going barefoot could cause health issues.

According to Dr Rock CJay Positano and Dr Rock G. Positano, co-directors of a non-surgical foot and ankle service in New York, wearing nothing on your feet for extended periods of time, coupled with any foot issues you have and the stress the ground puts on the foot, can create a “potentially damaging situation”.

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