Drew Carey Says He Feels 'Way Better' After 80-Lb. Weight Loss: 'I Got a Few More to Lose'

"I'm not taking my shirt off at the pool but, yeah, I lost a few pounds," the ‘Price is Right’ host said

<p>Sonja Flemming/CBS</p> Drew Carey

Sonja Flemming/CBS

Drew Carey

Drew Carey is feeling good and looking better.

The Price is Right host, 65, recently spoke to Entertainment Tonight and admitted that he feels "way better" than how he looks after dropping more than 80 lbs. over the years.

"I'm not taking my shirt off at the pool but, yeah, I lost a few pounds," he told the outlet. "And I got a few more to lose."

Carey said his secret to looking good is actually upgrading his wardrobe.

"I wear proper suits that fit instead of being all baggy. That makes all the difference," the comedian said before joking about his new figure. "It's all CG. Don't even worry about it."

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<p>Michael Yarish/CBS</p> Drew Carey

Michael Yarish/CBS

Drew Carey

Over the past decade, the TV personality has been transparent about losing over 80 lbs. after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. He understood that he had to make lifestyle changes after losing his father and brother to heart attacks due to weight-related issues.

“It sucks being fat, you know,” Carey told PEOPLE in 2010. “I was diabetic with type 2 diabetes.”

After Carey embarked on a strict regime, shaving his diet of carbohydrates and hitting the gym religiously, he dropped 80 lbs. and was able to reverse his diabetes and stop taking medication for it.

“No carbs,” he said of how he achieved it. “I have cheated a couple times, but basically no carbs, not even a cracker. No bread at all. No pizza, nothing. No corn, no beans, no starches of any kind. Egg whites in the morning or like, Greek yogurt, cut some fruit.”

Carey snacks on fruit, and for dinner he'll have grilled chicken and steamed vegetables and water. “I don’t drink anything but water,” he said at the time. “No coffee, no tea, no soda.”

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<p>Amy Sussman/Getty</p> Drew Carey

Amy Sussman/Getty

Drew Carey

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Equally important, he said, is keeping up his workouts. His secret: “Lots of cardio. About 45 minutes of cardio, at least 45 minutes of cardio. I’ve been kind of lazy lately, so I’m not doing it 6 days a week, but I will be for this next month.”

All that discipline got Carey from a size 44 pants to a 33-34, with the goal of losing another 10 lbs. and shrinking to a size 32.

“I like being skinny,” he said. “I was sick of being fat on the camera. Really, I just got sick of it. Once I started losing weight, again, like once I started dropping a couple pant sizes, then it was easy ’cause once you see the results, then you don’t wanna stop.”

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