Can I drive my car during the coronavirus lockdown?

Kit Heren
Can I drive my car during the coronavirus lockdown?

The UK has been on lockdown since the Government ordered Brits to stay home except for travelling for essential work that can't be done from home, medical purposes, daily exercise and weekly shopping.

There has already been some confusion about what counts as essential work, where we can still go and how we can travel.

Derbyshire Police shared a picture on Twitter of drivers heading to the Peak District despite being told to stay at home by the government: Derbyshire Police

Walkers in Derbyshire last week were surprised by police posting footage of their cars online as an example of people not sticking to lockdown rules and officers elsewhere have already begun cracking down on "non-essential" travel.

So are we allowed to drive? And what rules and guidelines are there for drivers?


Can I drive to work?

If your work is essential and can't be done from home - for example, if you are an NHS worker or a supermarket employee - you can drive to work.

Otherwise you should be working from home.

Can you drive to see your friends and family?

No. The Government has said any trips must be essential, so socialising isn't allowed - with or without a car.

There are other ways to meet up with your friends - such as on the phone or on the several video messaging apps available.

The only exception to this rule is if you have vulnerable friends or family who you need to help take care of.

You should avoid driving if possible (AFP via Getty Images)

I'm allowed to take exercise once a day - can I drive to a park?

It's better not to. You are allowed to exercise, and this is good for your physical and mental wellbeing.

But the RAC suggests exercising in your garden if you have one, or walking or cycling for exercise if not.

Can I drive if I'm self-isolating?

No. If you're self-isolating with suspected coronavirus symptoms, you must not leave the house for seven days, even for shopping or exercise.

Ask a family member or friend to drop off supplies, or someone from a local support group, while social distancing.

Traffic around the world has dropped considerably as quarantines kick in (AFP via Getty Images)

I booked a driving test for April - what should I do?

All practical driving tests have been suspended. It's possible they won't resume until June 17, according to the Drivers and Vehicles Standards Authority (DVSA).

Theory tests have been suspended until April 20.

The DVSA has made an exception for key workers, for whom tests are available.

You can cancel your test to get a full refund or wait for a rebooked date.

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