Dua Lipa hits back at interviewer over comment on her beauty: ‘I got to where I am through hard work’

Olivia Petter
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Dua Lipa has hit back at an interviewer who commented on her appearance during an interview.

In a new article with Rolling Stone magazine, the singer was told that the way she looks “maybe had a certain power”.

In a second, separate, interview for the same article, Lipa responded by telling the interviewer that she was “a little bit taken aback” by their comment.

“I’ve been thinking about it almost every day," she said.

“I’ve never really seen being pretty or beautiful as some kind of power. It’s never been something that I identify with and — with no disrespect to you, obviously — I feel like I was a little bit shortchanged in a way, because I don’t feel like I’ve gotten to where I am because of that.”

Lipa continued: "I’m extremely hardworking and driven, and I feel like that’s the reason why I got to where I am, through my hard work and my drive, and I just wanted to make that clear because it has been playing on my mind.”

The interviewer writes that they apologised to Lipa afterwards.

Elsewhere in the interview, Lipa recalled how she was criticised for attending an afterparty following the Grammys last year that took place at a strip club in Los Angeles, with fans accusing her at the time of supporting an industry that exploited women.

“I just feel like, if you’re a feminist, you have to also support women in all fields of work,” she said of the backlash she received at the time.

“We have to support sex workers, we have to believe that that [work] is their choice and their right. It seems quite hypocritical, I think, people picking and choosing as to how they want to support women and when it suits them. That’s another form of misogyny, which really derives from the male gaze.”

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