Duncan Jones Discusses Showing Warcraft Movie To His Late Father David Bowie

Director Duncan Jones has opened up about showing an early cut of his latest and biggest movie to date - video game adaptation ‘Warcraft: The Beginning’ - to his late father David Bowie.

Bowie died in January following a battle with cancer, but Jones had the chance to show his father what he’d be working on. “I showed him an early cut of this and showed him some of the effects shots,” he said.

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Speaking to The Daily Beast ahead of the film’s release, the 'Moon’ director added: “You know, for everyone else he was one person. For me, he was my dad. And he was always interested in things I was working on.

"So I showed him what I was working on, and he was all excited for me and happy that I was doing the thing that I enjoyed doing in my life.”

The film, itself about fathers and sons, now surely has an added poignancy for Jones - who spent over three years bringing the effects-heavy fantasy epic to life. It is based on Blizzard Entertainment’s 'World of Warcraft’ - a hugely-popular massively multiplayer online role playing game (MMORPG) about warring clans in a huge fantasy setting known as Azeroth.

Jones is himself a fan, saying: "I ran a guild for another game called ‘Ultima Online’. When that game got to a point where we wanted to move on, we kind of moved onto World of Warcraft and there was a kind of Sophie’s choice for me of whether I’d be Horde or Alliance [the game’s two 'sides’].”

'Warcraft: The Beginning’ is out now in the UK.

Picture Credits: WENN