Dwayne Johnson Says Shazam Could Get Early Release

Ryan Leston
·UK Movies Writer

Although ‘Shazam’ is set to hit the big screen in 2019, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson admits that we might see it sooner rather than later…

It’s one of DC’s more obscure properties – Shazam is the alter ego a Billy Batson, a young boy who can turn into a superhero by merely uttering the magic word, ‘Shazam’. But while it’s been given a far off release date in 2019, it looks as though we might see it a bit sooner.

That is, according to the only announced cast member, Dwayne Johnson.

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During an interview with MTV News, the 42-year-old actor – who will play the villain Black Adam in ‘Shazam’ – revealed that the film could arrive sooner than we thought.

“You know, it may happen a little earlier than what has been predicted,” he revealed. “The script is coming in, it’s great. The support from the studio has been great. And it is just a great opportunity especially with Black Adam where you can take a guy that starts off as bad guy turns into an anti-hero. We can make him vicious; a little bit of winking charm.”

Of course, if the script has already been green lit, it sounds as though work may begin on the upcoming ‘Shazam’ movie in the next couple of years. And that’s likely to result in an earlier release date than the one we were originally given.

After all, 2019 seems a long way off at this stage.

But does this mean that the titular Shazam has already been cast?

“Don’t know yet,” said Dwayne Johnson, when asked if he knew who had landed the role. And I can’t help thinking that this particular bit of casting could still be up in the air. For one thing, even if ‘Shazam’ is way ahead of schedule when it comes to the writing, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the production is ready to kick off.

And while Dwayne Johnson has already been confirmed as Black Adam, perhaps the search is still on for the perfect Shazam.

Of course, with both an adult and child playing the same character, this opens up a huge number of possibilities. Will we see two different actors fielding Shazam and Billy Batson? I certainly hope so.

But as for who they might be, for now we’ll just have to wait and find out.

‘Shazam’ is currently heading to cinemas on 5 April 2019.

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Picture Credit: Warner Bros.