Dwayne Johnson Thinks of Armie Hammer as Potential 'Shazam' vs. His 'Black Adam'

After headlining April’s The Fate of the Furious, Dwayne Johnson is already returning to theaters on Memorial Day weekend — this time as head of Baywatch‘s lifeguard squad. If that twofer wasn’t enough to make him Hollywood’s preeminent larger-than-life star, The Rock’s already prepping several future films, including the DC Comics adventure in which he’ll play Black Adam, villainous counterpart to Shazam. But who can go toe-to-toe with Johnson in the as-yet-uncast hero’s role? Turns out the Rock has an idea.

Talking with We Got This Covered (watch it above), Johnson — careful to point out he’s just thinking out loud — suggests Armie Hammer might be worth having in the mix. While Johnson never refers to him by name, instead simply saying “Lone Ranger” (Hammer played the masked man opposite Johnny Depp‘s Tonto), he makes it clear that he thinks Hammer is both cool and “a lot bigger than I thought he would be.” He hedges that he has no idea if Hammer would be interested, and laughs that the studio has no idea that after he recently met the actor, he and his producing partner both shared the same thought, which Johnson describes as, “Man, that guy would look great, I bet, as Shazam.”

Since Hammer is, according to Johnson, one of a handful of guys who could be in contention for the coveted role, take it as just a fun game of “What if…?” for now. But given Johnson’s ability to get blockbusters greenlit at an eye-opening rate — as evidenced by an upcoming workload that includes Jumanji, Rampage, Skyscraper, Jungle Cruise, and Doc Savage — when he says “Shazam,” action may not be far behind.

Dwayne Johnson Talks About His DC Comics Character, Black Adam:

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