Dwayne Johnson’s Rampage gets a cool new poster

Ryan Leston
UK Movies Writer

A new poster for ‘Rampage’ has been unveiled…

The best part? It looks as bonkers as we imagined.

It’s finally here – ‘Rampage’ has gotten its first official poster. Starring Dwayne Johnson as anima lover Davis Okoye, it looks as though his white silverback gorilla pal has grown up a lot more than he thought he would.

And that means suiting up with a grenade launcher. Obviously.

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Based on the popular 1980s video game, ‘Rampage’ pits Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson up against a bunch of supersized animals, seemingly hell bent on destroying his city. But with one of them an old friend, surely all’s not as it seems…

And this poster gives us our first real look at ‘Rampage’s monsters.

Not to mention, some idea of the sheer scale of them. I mean, look at that thing. It’s huge! Clearly, they’re not kidding when it comes to the tagline: “Big meets bigger.” But just how big do these things get? There are still several monsters yet to meet…

It’s certainly a cool start for ‘Rampage’ – promising an over-the-top action adventure with all the charm and originality of the ‘80s videogame. Not to mention the ever-enjoyable Dwayne Johnson in the leading role.

But will it be any good?

For now, we’ll have to wait and see… but the wait won’t be too long.

After all, the first ‘Rampage’ trailer is arriving later today.

‘Rampage’ stars Dwayne Johnson, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Malin Akerman, Joe Manganiello, Naomie Harris, and Breanne Hill.

Brad Peyton directed the film, based on a script by Ryan Engle, Ryan Condal and Carlton Cuse.

‘Rampage’ heads to cinemas on 13 April 2018.

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