E. Jean Carroll seeks new damages in her remaining defamation lawsuit against Trump to include the former president's statements at CNN's town hall

  • E. Jean Carroll amended her remaining defamation lawsuit against Trump on Monday.

  • The amendment seeks to include comments Trump made after being found liable of defamation and her assault.

  • Carroll's lawyers argue Trump repeated claims that had already been determined to be defamation.

E. Jean Carroll is seeking additional damages in her remaining defamation case against former President Donald Trump, pointing to comments he made during CNN's town hall program just a day after a jury found him liable for her sexual assault.

The proposed amendment to her second defamation case, which was stalled in court due to appeals but remains pending, "adds allegations concerning the verdict in Carroll II and Trump's public response to that verdict, which involved repeating on CNN the statements the Carroll II jury found to be defamatory," according to a letter from Carroll's lawyers that was emailed to Insider.

After a jury found Trump liable for sexually abusing Carroll and defaming her by calling her a liar on social media, the former President appeared on CNN calling the woman a "wack job" and called the civil trial against him "a rigged deal."

In Caroll's first case, in which Trump was found liable for defamation earlier this month, Trump denied Carroll's allegations that he had sexually assaulted and raped her, saying she was "not my type," and that she was a liar who made up the story to sell her book.

Representatives for Trump did not immediately respond to Insider's requests for comment.

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