Cameron Diaz Plays Sex Tape Prank On Jason Segel

Earlier this week Yahoo Movies UK teamed up with Cameron Diaz to play a prank on her ‘Sex Tape’ co-star Jason Segel.

The pair were interviewed by George Lamb about the film – but little did Jason know that the wily duo had hatched a plan to trick him into thinking there was actually a Lamb sex tape kicking around the internet which Diaz had seen.

You can watch Cameron and George carrying out their plan in our exclusive clip above.

When Segel wondered how his co-star knew about the saucy video in question, Diaz pointed to Lamb’s tattoo (which was carefully etched on just before the interview). Let’s just say she was convincing in her patter that she’d seen the fetching ink in less salubrious surroundings, possibly bouncing up and down.

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And frankly, we wouldn’t be surprised if Segel headed to his laptop as soon as the chat finished for a cheeky internet search. No-one can resist those gorgeous silver locks. 

‘Sex Tape’ is in cinemas now.