EastEnders: Denise steals Ravi's laptop

Episode 6767

iPlayer release date: Wednesday 13 September 2023 at 06:00

BBC One airdate: Wednesday 13 September 2023 at 19:30

Chelsea arranges drinks at Number 1 for her and Ravi's families, hoping that it will bring everyone together. However, in the build-up to the gathering, Denise overhears Gina and Anna talking about Ravi's drug-dealing. Although Denise wants to go to the police, Jack urges her to be cautious.

Later, there's tension at the party and Chelsea throws accusations at Denise. Denise storms out, but she secretly takes Ravi's laptop with her.

Meanwhile, Emma promises never to leave Lexi again when Jay allows her to see the youngster, but Ben has other ideas.

Elsewhere, Phil makes peace with Kat after staying out all night, but he rushes off when he sees Emma. Kat makes a booking to marry Phil at the registry office next week when she learns that there's a cancellation.

Also today, Keanu receives an injunction from Lisa's solicitor.

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