EastEnders fans baffled that Big Mo and Oscar-winner Gary Oldman are related in real life

Aimée Grant Cumberbatch
Family connection: Soap fans are baffled by the news that Gary Oldman is related to Laila Morse: Reuters

EastEnders fans have expressed their confusion at the fact that A-lister Gary Oldman is the brother of Laila Morse, who plays Walford legend Big Mo.

With Oldman’s Best Actor win at the Oscars, it’s only natural The Darkest Hour star is getting people talking.

But, despite it having been common knowledge for some time, EastEnders fans still can’t get over the unlikely bit of trivia.

On twitter, viewers shared their surprise at the familial connection as Laila Morse makes her return to the soap just says after her brother's Oscar triumph.

Siblings: Laila Morris as Big Mo in EastEnders (BBC)

One wrote: “Wtf since when were Big Mo from Eastenders & Gary Oldman brother & sister?????”

Another tweeted: “Struggling to believe Gary Oldman’s sister is Big Mo from Eastenders.”

A third wrote: “Imagine Gary Oldman and Big Mo from Eastenders came out the same womb.”

But others were in disbelief that people had only just discovered the information.

“How are folk only finding out that Big Mo is Gary Oldman’s sister???” asked one

“Has Gary Oldman’s sister (Big Mo, Eastenders) made a statement about his Oscar win yet?” joked another.

One reason for the surprise at the connection could be the pair’s different surnames, as Morse uses a stage name.

In fact, in real life she shares a first name with her EastEnder’s character, as her name is Maureen ‘Mo’ Oldman.

Oldman picked up an Oscar for his turn as Winston Churchill in Joe Wright's Darkest Hour. He used his acceptance speech to thank his 90-year-old mother, telling her to “put the kettle on. I’m bringing Oscar home.”

Meanwhile Morse is due to make a dramatic return to Albert Square as Big Mo with the news that the character’s granddaughter Kat has died.