EastEnders spoilers: Cindy Beale BETRAYS her daughters!

 Cindy Beale talks to Gina Knight.
Cindy Beale talks to Gina Knight.

Cindy Beale uses her daughters to get something for herself in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Cindy Beale is still determined to get investment for her new business idea of running an East End pie and mash shop.

Money is still an issue as she ruined a potential deal with Nish Panesar by getting stroppy over his pointed comments about her past, ripping up the contract up in front of his face!

Setting her sights on Phil Mitchell, Cindy works her charm and pretty much convinces him to give her the money. But when she tells Ian Beale that she's secured the cash from Phil, he absolutely refuses to take any money from his arch rival!

After her son Peter Beale reveals that he's miserable his newly discovered half-sisters Gina Knight and Anna Knight don't want to get to know him, Cindy vows to set things right.

Struggling to see her son hurting, she heads ot the Queen Vic to talk to the girls and convince them to go easy on their brother, whatever they may think of her.

Anna Knight shares some family news
Anna Knight shares some family news

Cindy opens up to Gina, who surprisingly agrees to hear her out. Gina has been completely blanking her mum ever since she returned to Albert Square, devastated over Cindy's lies.

When a soft-hearted Anna sees Gina talking to Cindy, she is pleased. Thawing towards Cindy she tells her that their dad George Knight has finally got a buyer for the bar in Marbella.

The bar was the family business back when Cindy was still living with the Knights and going under the assumed name of Rose...

Anna's comments get Cindy's mind whirring, as she knows that the bar is worth a pretty penny. Cindy finds Ian and tells him that they don't need Phil's money - or anybody's money...

George is selling the bar and half the money from it is legally hers!

What will Anna and Gina think about their mum using Anna's comments against them?

Ravi Gulati learns a shocking truth from Denzel Danes
Ravi Gulati learns a shocking truth from Denzel Danes

Ravi Gulati is desperate, as his son Nugget Gulati is still missing! The teenager ran away from home after finding out some shocking truths about his father.

As the hunt for Nugget ramps up, Ravi's dad Nish Panesar insists he could be in danger. Ravi is reluctant when Nish insists that they get the police involved, worried about what that could mean for his own criminal dealings.

While Suki Panesar hides her guilt over turning Nugget against his father, Ravi finally reports Nugget missing. The police's questions get a bit too close to home for Ravi, who is left horrified.

Matters are made even worse when Nugget's best mate Denzel Danes confesses to Ravi that his own son is scared of him. He's left gutted when Denzel insists that Nugget's disappearance is all his fault.

Reiss Colwell and Sonia Fowler visit Debbe Colwell
Reiss Colwell and Sonia Fowler visit Debbe Colwell

Reiss Colwell and Sonia Fowler prepare to go to their follow up IVF appointment.

Worried about how much it's all going to cost and whether they'll be able to go ahead, Sonia ends up giving it to poor Martin Fowler with both barrels after he makes an innocent comment!

After getting a breakdown of their chances of IVF success, Reiss tells Sonia he needs to visit his comatose wife Debbie Colwell in hospital.

At her bedside, Reiss reveals that he is going to spend her savings on getting IVF for him and Sonia.

Little does Sonia know that that's where the money for the private treatment is coming from!

How long will it be before she finds out Reiss' secrets and lies?

Kat Slater reassures son Tommy Moon
Kat Slater reassures son Tommy Moon

Also, Tommy Moon refuses to believe mum Kat Slater's reassurances that his dad Alfie Moon will be back from Spain as soon as he's better.

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Wednesday at 7:30 pm.