EastEnders spoilers: Freddie Slater's secret is OUTED!

 Freddie Slater feels terrible
Freddie Slater feels terrible

Freddie Slater realises that he'll have to face the music in Thursday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings)

Freddie Slater has been desperate to keep the truth of a HUGE betrayal from his best friend Bobby Beale.

The chip shop partners in crime were both bowled over when Gina Knight and Anna Knight arrived in the Square and Freddie did his best to flirt with Gina.

When it was clear that Gina wasn't interested, Freddie let it go, but Bobby had a massive crush on Anna. A shy Bobby found it difficult to make a move and Anna wasn't in the right head space for any romance.

They soon developed a close bond and it seemed that Bobby may have a chance with her after all.

When the truth came out about Anna's long lost mum Rose Knight, who was revealed to be Cindy Beale using an assumed name as part of a witness protection programme, it rocked her friendship with Bobby.

She knew that he'd been to prison for accidentally killing his half-sister Lucy Beale, the daughter of Ian and Cindy, but the realisation that Lucy was Anna's half-sister too threw her head into a spin!

Alfie Moon confides in Ian Beale
Alfie Moon confides in Ian Beale

Freddie comforted Anna over the shock and one thing led to another. Freddie has been consumed with guilt over what happened and he blurted out the truth to Alfie Moon.

Meanwhile, Ian Beale has been desperate for an investor in his new food business idea and he ropes in Alfie to try and impress an as yet to be impressed Nish Panesar.

After a heart-to-heart with his old pal, Ian confesses he's worried about Bobby's budding relationship with Anna. Admitting his own worries, Alfie reveals that Anna slept with Freddie.

Alfie swears Ian to secrecy, but fat chance of that with Ian Beale! After a humiliating incident in The Queen Vic involving Cindy's former husband George Knight, who belittles him in front of the punters, Ian blurts out about what Anna's been up to.

Bobby is stunned!

Reiss Colwell is humiliated
Reiss Colwell is humiliated

Reiss Colwell has been eaten up by insecurities ever since his visit to the fertility clinic with Sonia Fowler.

When he has a run-in with Karen Taylor in the launderette, he feels humiliated to find out that his lack of 'swimmers' appears to have become the talk of the Square!

Reiss admitted to Sonia that he was infertile and claimed he's always found his condition difficult to talk about. Even suggesting going for IVF seemed to be a big step for him.

Sonia feels terrible for Reiss and seeing his pain she comforts him, reassuring him that he'll be a wonderful father.

But is she having second thoughts herself?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Monday at 7:30 pm.