EastEnders spoilers: Kat Slater CANCELS her wedding?

 Kat Slater is surprised to see Alfie Moon
Kat Slater is surprised to see Alfie Moon

Kat Slater's wedding day could be in jeopardy when Keanu Taylor has news for Alfie Moon in Tuesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Kat Slater is feeling full of excited nerves about her wedding tomorrow!

Her nuptials to Phil Mitchell had a false start last year when her ex-hubby Alfie Moon put a stop Kat and Phil's ceremony.

Kat's been putting off rebooking the wedding until the time felt right, but when an unexpected slot for the ceremony came up at short notice, she took the plunge and went for it.

Considering last year's grand wedding plans ended in disaster, Kat has told Jean Slater that she's not interested in having a hen do. But Jean doesn't want to let one of the Slater women get hitched without a proper send off and she organises a surprise party in the Vic.

Kat's touched by the effort the ladies of Walford have gone to and she's grateful when her ex Alfie turns up to wish her well, and they share a warm moment.

One person who is NOT happy for Kat is Keanu Taylor, who eyes the delighted bride-to-be with suspicion from a corner of the bar...

He tried to blackmail Kat's fiance Phil Mitchell after finding out that Phil was keeping a devastating secret, demanding access to his daughter Peggy Mitchell, who was taken to Portugal by her grandma Lisa Fowler.

Phil got Keanu to back off by lying that he'd already told Kat the truth but it's quite clear from Kat's happy mood that she still has NO idea what Phil has been up to!

Realising he's been played, Keanu texts Phil and tells him he's going to tell Kat everything. Horrified, Phil sets off for the Queen Vic to try and get to Kat first.

Sharon Watts also knows about Phil's lies and she stops him in his tracks, telling him that she'll deal with Keanu. Just as Keanu is about to talk to Kat, Sharon interrupts and ensures that he keeps his lips sealed.

Miserable that his plan didn't work, Keanu downs the booze and lets Phil's secret slip to a horrified Alfie...

Will he tell Kat and break her heart?

Suki Panesar tries to set up Ravi Gulati
Suki Panesar tries to set up Ravi Gulati

Suki Panesar is on a mission to prove that Ravi Gulati is put back behind bars!

The killer has had a hold over her ever since she THOUGHT she'd murdered Ranveer Gulati, who was trying to rape her.

In fact, he was the one was finished off Ranveer when Suki was out of the room but he's been keeping that little piece of information secret from her.

Suki's son Kheerat Panesar ended up confessing to murder to save his mum after Ranveer's body was found and is now doing time for Ravi's crime!

After Denise Fox found some incriminating evidence on Ravi in the deleted files on his laptop, Suki convinced her to go to the police.

They were frustrated when they were told that with no physical evidence of the crime, the police couldn't arrest him.

Determined to bring him down, Suki has been plotting to get Ravi to confess to her and secretly record it. After meeting Ravi in The Albert, Suki's prepares to draw the truth out of him but she's frustrated when she's interrupted by a worrying phone call from the prison.

Ravi has cottoned on to the fact that Suki has something on him and he threatens to harm her family unless she keeps her trap shut.

Desperate, Suki tries Denise again and pleads with her to help put Ravi away for good but, worried for her family's safety, Denise refuses.

Will Suki put herself in more danger to bring down Ravi?

Jay Mitchell meets an interesting stranger
Jay Mitchell meets an interesting stranger

Jay Brown has been struggling with his grief over wife Lola Pearce, who died from a brain tumour. Lola was his life and he's finding it tough to keep going without her.

After an unexpected chat with a blonde stranger, Nadine, Jay was left rattled and he ended up rudely walking away from her.

When he bumps into her again he apologises for his abrupt departure and invites her for a drink in the Albert to make things up to her.

Things are going well and soon Nadine invites Jay back to hers...

Will Jay be tempted to take things further?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Wednesday at 7:30 pm.