EastEnders spoilers: Theo Hawthorne plays a SICK game with Stacey

 Theo Hawthorne threatens the police on Martin Fowler.
Theo Hawthorne threatens the police on Martin Fowler.

Theo Hawthorne leaves Stacey Slater even more terrified when he targets her yet again in Wednesday's episode of EastEnders (7:30 pm. see our TV Guide for full listings).

Theo Hawthorne left Stacey Slater fearing for her safety after being forced to confess his sinister obsession with her.

He tricked his way into her life by offering tutoring for her pregnant teen daughter Lily Slater and made a great show of being a good 'friend'. But all along he was ogling her on her cam site account, paying for private chats.

The horrifying truth was finally revealed when Theo trapped Stacey in her own kitchen while her daughter was giving birth after Stacey's ex Martin Fowler found out that he'd driven a previous girlfriend to suicide.

Stacey thought she'd seen the last of a deluded Theo, who is convinced that the pair of them are in love.

But with the police unwilling to do anything to keep her safe from Theo, she was left at his mercy yet again when he revealed he'd started renting the house next door!

When Billy Mitchell receives some raunchy photos of Stacey, supposedly sent by her, he is shocked. Martin finds out what's happened and he knows straight away that Theo must be behind it.

Stacey is mortified after finding out that Billy has seen pics of her in her sexy lingerie and she's terrified about what Theo will do next.

Martin is furious with Theo and he goes in all guns blazing, banging on Theo's door.

A smug Theo knows that Stacey and Martin can't do anything about getting rid of him, as he's been careful not to leave any evidence that could link him to his reign of terror.

He tells a frustrated Stacey and Martin that if they don't back off, he'll report them to the police.

George Knight has the Beales round for dinner
George Knight has the Beales round for dinner

George Knight and fiancee Elaine are elated that George's bar in Marbella has finally sold. They've been waiting to free up the cash so that George can properly invest with Elain in the Queen Vic.

The bar held a lot of memories for George, who owned it with former wife Cindy Beale - who was known by the name of Rose Knight. Their girls, Anna Knight and Gina Knight, spent the best part of their young lives growing up around the bar.

Unfortunately for George and Elaine, their celebrations are cut short by a shock visit from Cindy, who tells the couple in no uncertain terms that the bar was half her and she wants half the money!

Trying to calm down a raging Elaine, George insists that they keep things civil and he asks Cindy and Ian Beale to dinner to talk things through.

Unsurprisingly, the atmosphere could be cut with a knife when Cindy and Ian sit down at the table with George and Elaine but can Elaine guard her tongue?

Later, Cindy gets George on his own and she does her best to manipulate him.
Will he fall for her tricks?

Ravi Gulati is questioned by the police
Ravi Gulati is questioned by the police

Suki Panesar has been desperate to get revenge on Ravi Gulati, ever since she discovered a shocking truth about the killer.

After letting the news slip to Ravi's son Nugget Gulati, Suki felt guilty when a horrified Nugget ran away.

Now that the police have been told that he's missing, the family are questioned and Suki is asked by PC Nash whether there were problems at home.

Suki wastes no time in hinting that Ravi's dealings have not been above board...

When Nish Panesar and Ravi are questioned by the police, they're suspicious about why the interogation has taken a strage turn. Neither of them know that Suki is the one that's been doing the stirring.

Ravi immediately thinks that his arch enemy Denise Fox is the one who's been telling tales and he furiously confronts her at the salon. Denise gives as good as she gets and points out some harsh truths.

Worried for Ravi's state of mind, Nish tells his wife that she stops with the antipathy towards his son Ravi, and start treating him as if he was one of her own children.

Will Suki Panesar be forced to go along with Nish's request?

EastEnders continues on BBC One on Thursday at 7:30 pm.