EastEnders storyline details for back-from-the-dead twist

EastEnders spoilers follow.

EastEnders fans have been given more potential details about the return to the soap of two iconic former characters.

It was reported last week that not only will Ian Beale (Adam Woodyatt) be returning to our screens later this year after a two-year absence, but that his much-remembered first wife Cindy (Michelle Collins), who was believed to have died 25 years ago, will also be making a surprise comeback.

adam woodyatt and michelle collins

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Details of the pair's rumoured return storyline have now been published by The Sun, with the plot apparently seeing them set up shop in the South of France as they try to sell baguettes on a stall at a farmers' market.

With Ian trying to make use of a translation app on his phone to speak French, the locals will apparently snub the cuisine the pair have on offer, with Ian remarking that the residents of Walford would have snapped up the sandwiches.

According to The Sun, Ian and Cindy may even have reunited as a couple after over 20 years apart.

Adam and Michelle have reportedly already been filming scenes for their comeback at a Hertfordshire farmhouse.

ian beale in eastenders
Jack Barnes - BBC

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While Ian's return has been anticipated by fans, Cindy's potential comeback is a bigger surprise, as Ian was told in 1998 that his former wife had passed away after giving birth to her youngest daughter, also named Cindy.

The circumstances around Cindy apparently still being alive are yet to be revealed.

Ian and Cindy reuniting as a couple would be a further surprise, as their turbulent marriage saw Cindy hire a hitman to kill Ian, before she fled with her sons, Peter and Steven. This led Ian to undertake an unlikely team-up with the Mitchell brothers to track her down and bring the boys home.

Ian left Walford behind in January 2021 after he discovered that wife Sharon Watts was trying to poison him, although he made a brief cameo in December last year at Dot Branning's funeral – following which he made a mystery phone call to an unknown recipient, who may well have been Cindy.

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