Easy Parmesan Crisps Are The Crunchy Treat To Upgrade Your Cheese Board

stack of Parmesan crisps
stack of Parmesan crisps - Lauripatterson/Getty Images

When building a charcuterie or cheese board for tonight's dinner party, consider the texture of the items you plan to place into bowls and arrange on top of serving trays. The smoother, luxurious ingredients you set out for your guests to snack on can benefit from a bit of added crunch, and Parmesan crisps are an easy way to offer variation for snacking. The crunchy, salty chips made from savory Parmesan cheese add an instant pop to cheese spreads.

Not only can these bite-sized pieces of crispy Parmesan be enjoyed straight off a platter, but the chips themselves can serve as vehicles for spreads and toppings. Crunchy Parmesan crisps can easily be dipped into bowls of hummus, homemade guacamole, or creamy spinach dip, and the crisps themselves can be crowned with layers of prosciutto, bacon bits, olive tapenade, peach jam, and decadent swashes of brie. Culinary pairings open up to your guests once you have placed these crisps on the grazing table.

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A Savory, Crunchy Party Pleaser

Parmesan crisps in snack bowl
Parmesan crisps in snack bowl - Iryna Imago/Getty Images

Whether you take the culinary initiative to make Parmesan crisps from scratch or decide to reach for a package off the supermarket shelf, remembering to include these crispy snacks in your next cheese board can upgrade an average presentation into something closer to a gourmet offering. Prepare to serve more crisps than you think you'll need to feed your munching guests. The salty, cheesy taste of Parmesan crisps provides a flavor that few can resist. Double your recipe or buy an extra bag.

When making cheese crisps of your own, experiment with making chips with different kinds of cheeses in addition to Parmesan. From shredded cheddar to aged mozzarella, these crunchy morsels are instant crowd favorites. You can even try mixing types of cheese with spices and herbs for a flavor explosion. Should you find broken pieces in your batch, set them aside to use as toppings for salads or to garnish dollops of mashed potatoes. Once Parmesan cheese crisps have entered the chat, there's only winning ahead.

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