Ed Norton baffled by Bourne lingo

9 August 2012

Edward Norton has admitted one of the toughest challenges of his role in The Bourne Legacy was learning all the government lingo.

The Fight Club star plays the director of a black-line agency, NRAG (National Research Assay Group), at the heart of the Bourne universe and confesses he used so many acronyms, he sometimes didn't really know what he was saying.

Edward said: "You do need to own these terms. Working in government, everything's an acronym. It's all like DARPA and NETRA and you don't even remember all the things. You sort of have to talk them as though you've been in that world for a decade."

Despite being the main villain in the film, co-starring Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz, Edward admits he didn't see much action.

He joked: "I do some things with a cell phone that you just won't even believe it's me! You'll think, 'That's got to be a stunt guy! He talks into the one Blackberry and then the hardline so fast - that can't be real!'."

The Bourne Legacy is released on August 13.

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