Ed Westwick opens up about marriage plans

Ed Westwick has opened up about his plans to marry his girlfriend Amy Jackson.

The Gossip Girl star has revealed that marriage is in the cards for him and his actress/model girlfriend, Amy.

"Yes! One hundred per cent," he told Hello! magazine when asked if marriage and children are in his future. "I grew up in a wonderful household where my mum and dad were married. My parents loved each other fiercely right up to the end."

The 36-year-old added, "I idolised them and their relationship. Just that kind of support!"

Elsewhere in the interview, Ed noted that although he looks up to his parents' relationship, there is one "downside" to devoted marriages.

"When my father died 10 years ago, I wished mum had more things in her life," he shared. "She had friends but my parents did everything together. That's the only downside to one of these relationships."

The Chalet Girl star then opened up about the death of his mother, Carole Westwick.

"My mother sadly died in September last year. Her birthday is Halloween so this is a weird time of year for me and emotional," the British actor explained. "She died of a type of cancer she should never have had. I want to raise awareness of it - it is called Mesothelioma, which is a lung cancer caused by asbestos."

Ed and the former Bollywood actress, 31, are believed to have been dating since December 2021. The duo are notoriously private about their relationship, however, Ed revealed earlier this year that they met at an event held at a racetrack.

"I made the first move," he told The Times of India in July. "We were invited to an event in England at a racetrack. So, I walked over and asked her out on a coffee date. I knew we both had pets, so I even suggested we could walk our dogs."