Eddie Murphy joins Netflix movie from Black-ish boss

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Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images
Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images

Eddie Murphy and Black-ish creator Kenya Barris are teaming up on a new Netflix movie.

Also boasting two-time Oscar nominee Jonah Hill (The Wolf of Wall Street) in its cast, this untitled project will examine "modern love and family dynamics and how clashing cultures, societal expectations and generational differences shape and affect relationships," according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images
Photo credit: Emma McIntyre - Getty Images

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This still untitled movie marks the directorial debut of Barris, who co-wrote the screenplay with Hill while Murphy and Barris collaborated on this year's sequel Coming 2 America, so they'll have a certain chemistry behind the scenes to build upon.

Meanwhile, Hill previously recalled making his Wolf co-star Leonardo DiCaprio puke during production as a way of revenge.

"The thing about Leo is, he's a really great actor, but he plays rough," he began. "We had fight scenes in the movie where we have to play physical with each other, and he basically beat the crap out of me for six months – and he's bigger than me, so I couldn't really retaliate and cause damage.

"I was like, 'I have to get this guy back. What do I do?' In one of the most emotional scenes in the movie, we're eating sushi and in the script he's supposed to say, 'Do you want that last piece?'... and I say, 'Yes', and I eat it.

Photo credit: Universal Pictures
Photo credit: Universal Pictures

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"When we did the first take, he says, 'Do you want that last piece?' and I go, 'No, you have it,'" continued Hill. "So he had to do 100 takes of eating (sushi) over and over again and I was like, 'This is my revenge right here'.

"By the end of the night, he was on the floor throwing up into a waste bin."

Take note, Mr Murphy...

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