Eddie Redmayne says Warren Beatty offered to bail him out after email hack

<span>‘Whatever you need’ … Eddie Redmayne and Warren Beatty.</span><span>Composite: Getty</span>
‘Whatever you need’ … Eddie Redmayne and Warren Beatty.Composite: Getty

Eddie Redmayne has revealed that after his email was hacked, Warren Beatty responded by offering to wire him money: “whatever you need”.

Redmayne told the story on Late Night With Seth Meyers, and said that “a couple of years ago” a scammer hacked his email and sent money requests to his contacts, including Beatty and fellow actor Jamie Dornan.

“I was actually in New York at the time and I had a big night the night before. And I woke up in New York and I turned on my phone and I listened to this voicemail. And I turned to my wife [Hannah Bagshawe], and I said, ‘I think Warren Beatty has just left me a voicemail checking I’m OK and whether I need money. I was sort of hungover and trying to make sense of this thing.”

He added: “It then became clear that … all my address book had been sent this very persuasive email that I was stuck and needed [help]. To Warren’s incredible, generous credit, he was pretty much the only person who was kind enough to help to bail me out. But like, to this day, that man has a great place in my heart.”

Dornan previously mentioned the story on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, saying: “We all just got individual emails, saying, ‘Guys, I need you to wire me some cash.’ And fair credit, Warren Beatty was like, ‘Whatever you need.’ … What a legend.”

Redmayne jokingly pointed out that Dornan’s response was somewhat different to this apparently desperate demand for money: “By the way, he didn’t send!”