Eli Roth Confirms The Green Inferno Release


After seeming that Eli Roth’s ‘Cannibal Holocaust’-inspired horror ‘The Green Inferno’ had been put on hold indefinitely, the actor/producer/writer/director has now confirmed that his grizzly feature will be released in cinemas this year.

Speaking ahead of the Sundance Film Festival, Roth told IndieWire: “As of right now, all systems are go for the theatrical release,” in relation to the film he has been showing at various film festivals since Autumn 2013.

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After screening at 2014’s Edinburgh International Film Festival (followed by an in-depth, 45-minute QandA) and a few months later at Frightfest, the film ran into problems regarding its distribution, whereby a dispute arose amongst the movie’s producers.

Since then, the film was, according to our sources, penciled for a May, 2015 release, but it’s all gone very quiet, until now that is.

“Here’s the thing: everyone is working to resolve it. Open Road has been amazing through this entire process. I really love them, they’ve been great. Even with whatever situation World View is going through, everyone is working together to find the best, cleanest, most positive resolution and get the film out in the widest release possible,” stated Roth on what he sees as an imminent theatrical release.

When directly asked about a date for the when fans could expect it to debut in cinemas, Roth replied, “I think realistically it would be in the August to September range.”

Chances are, once its behind-the-scenes problems are ironed out, ‘The Green Inferno’ should be with us in time for Halloween this year, but let’s not hold our breath just yet.

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Picture credits: WENN, Worldview Entertainment

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