Elizabeth Olsen discusses MCU future

Elizabeth Olsen has revealed she "wouldn't say no" if she was approached to lead a solo MCU movie built around her character Scarlet Witch.

The 33-year-old star made her debut Marvel appearance way back in 2015's Avengers: Age of Ultron and once again reprises her role this week in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

She previously served as co-lead in Disney+ series WandaVision and told Yahoo Entertainment UK that she'd be keen to take the spotlight again if a project arrived with a great idea at its core.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness in in IMAX and cinemas from 5 May.

Video transcript

ELIZABETH OLSEN: Are those a bunch of toys?

TOM BEASLEY: They are, they're--


TOM BEASLEY: Yeah, the Funko Pop, things, yeah.


TOM BEASLEY: Yeah, definitely. I'll have to get one of the new Doctor Strange ones, after this film.

ELIZABETH OLSEN: Yes, yeah, those really make me laugh, those bobbleheads.

TOM BEASLEY: It must be weird, seeing yourself in one of those when you go to a shop.

ELIZABETH OLSEN: Yeah, I mean, for some reason I never-- any time I'm in like-- in the States, I'm in like a Walmart or a Target. I'm always mad that I can't see any Scarlet Witch's or Black Widows. And it's just a bunch of boys.


ELIZABETH OLSEN: But I get [INAUDIBLE] of seeing the toys. They do make me smile. I get why people like them.

TOM BEASLEY: We've had "WandaVision" obviously. Do you see, at any point, there being a solo Scarlet Witch movie for us all to enjoy?

ELIZABETH OLSEN: I mean, I wouldn't say no to that. My whole thing is, there just needs to be a good story in order to justify it, because you don't just want to do something for no reason. So in my mind, if that were to be a thing, I would love-- I would be excited to hear what the thoughts and ideas were. And I think that's what's so fun about the fan interaction as well, is I do think all our fans have really brilliant ideas. And I think it's useful to hear their voices for thoughts moving forward.

TOM BEASLEY: Absolutely, and then we definitely get Wanda on those shelves and Walmart.

ELIZABETH OLSEN: Yeah, hopefully.

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