Elizabeth Olsen's new movie debuts with 100% Rotten Tomatoes rating

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Elizabeth Olsen's new movie debuts with 100% on RTUnique Nicole/WireImage - Getty Images

Marvel Cinematic Universe actress Elizabeth Olsen's new film His Three Daughters has premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival, and the first reviews have given it a 100% Rotten Tomatoes debut.

The film stars Olsen, Natasha Lyonne and Carrie Coon as sisters who come together during their father's final days, and is set over a few days in just one location. If it sounds a bit like a play, reviews have noted the 'stagey' element of it, but are generally positive enough about the acting and script to land this one a 100% Positive score on the aggregator.

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Here's what some of the critics have said:

The Guardian

"Death, especially of the slow and managed kind, is claustrophobic. [Director Azazel] Jacobs gamely captures the out-of-time emotional shearing and bizarre mundanity of palliative care, how the walls, memories, hours warp and metastasize around waiting for the inevitable.

"Characters regress, recollections diverge, old wounds fester. After 101 minutes, you will know the floor plan to this apartment, its weathered furniture and dens of privacy, like a familiar cocoon."


"Such powerhouse talent packed into one movie is enough to satisfy on performance alone, especially when these compelling actors are pitted against one another in His Three Daughters, a ruthless, humane, and darkly funny story of grief and letting go. And yet this family drama, sharply written and directed by Azazel Jacobs, cuts even deeper with clever crafting."

The Hollywood Reporter

"With poison-tipped stabs of humor and swells of feeling, His Three Daughters shakes off the familiarity of its setup and the inevitable shadow of its thematic forebears. Despite any dread a skim of the synopsis might provoke, the film is free of the mopey melodrama or Sundancey quirks that often make the dying-parent/estranged-sibling screen subgenre so dire. It's wry, vivid and moving in unexpected ways."

elizabeth olsen
Unique Nicole/WireImage - Getty Images

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"Each of his stars gets a chance to shine — Coon is a firecracker from the start, Lyonne eases into one of the richest roles of her career, and Olsen is the film's sneaky-great secret weapon — but they're all at their best when forced into working together."

The Moveable Fest

"Given its limited setting, it might sound like a knock that His Three Daughters would likely work as well on the stage as it does on screen, but that's more of a tribute to its live-wire energy that you almost never see anywhere but the best of theatre productions, and the gentle cinematic touches that are judiciously employed throughout make the drama transcendent, from a generally muted color palette that comes alive with the intensity of emotion at hand and a delicately deployed score by Rodrigo Amarante that really does deliver grace notes.

"The film may observe the sisters preparing for the worst, but as these final moments with a loved one reveal hopefully, some things live on forever and His Three Daughters is destined to exist as proof in itself of that."

His Three Daughters does not currently have a release date.

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