Elle Fanning Speaks Out Following ‘The Great’ Cancellation: “I Discovered Parts of Myself I Didn’t Know”

Following the end of the actors strike, The Great star Elle Fanning is speaking out about the show being canceled at Hulu.

The actress, who starred opposite Nicholas Hoult in the series about Catherine the Great, took to social media to share her thoughts about the show’s somewhat sudden ending now that she can talk about her projects.

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“This show has meant the world to me. The experiences shared. The memories I’ll never forget. Tony McNamara is a certified genius. The last 3 seasons have shaped me. Through playing Catherine I discovered parts of myself I didn’t know I had,” she wrote in the caption of a carousel of behind-the-scenes photos.

The Emmy nominee continued, “I love every crew member and cast member deeply. And although I won’t get to lace up my corset one last time, I am forever proud of what we accomplished together. In my mind Catherine is left ‘shaking it all night long’ finally stepping into the leader we always knew she would become.”

Fanning concluded that, in her mind, the empress is off racking up a multitude of lovers, consuming several macaroons and vodka shots, giving long-winded speeches, and engaging in battles of wit and “HUUU-FUCKING-ZZAHHHHSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

Her co-star, Hoult, commented on the post, sharing that they had “too many brilliant moments on and off screen” and calling her the “greatest.”

News that The Great was canceled broke in August and came as a surprise to many since the show was critically acclaimed and received seven Emmy nominations over its three-season run. Fanning and Hoult garnered acting nominations in 2022, while series creator Tony McNamara and director Matt Shakman earned writing and directing nods for the series premiere.

Critics gave it nearly all positive reviews, but it is uncertain how many people watch it, considering Hulu does not share much viewing data.

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