Ellie Bamber to play Kate Moss in new biopic

Ellie Bamber is playing Kate Moss in a new movie credit:Bang Showbiz
Ellie Bamber is playing Kate Moss in a new movie credit:Bang Showbiz

Actress Ellie Bamber is to play Kate Moss in a new biopic.

The 26-year-old 'Willow' star has signed up to portray the supermodel in new film 'Moss and Freud' about the supermodel's decision to pose naked for artist Lucian Freud - with veteran screen star Derek Jacobi taking on the role of Freud in the film.

Kate has been involved in bringing the picture to life with writer/director James Lucas and says she's very happy with the casting news, saying: "As this is such a personal story of mine it has been essential that I be involved with James in all aspects as the project has developed.

"I am thrilled by the recent casting and excited that the film will begin shooting soon, I cannot wait to see it."

The film is set around Freud's London studio and will tell the story of the artist's past as well as focusing on Kate's position as a world-famous model.

The picture of Kate took nine months of sittings and it later sold in 2005 for almost $5 million. The pair remained close friends until Freud's death aged 88 in 2011.

Kate previously revealed she wanted to tell the story of the incredible friendship and she was keen to work with James Lucas after watching his film 'The Phone Call'.

She previously said in a statement: "Sitting for Lucian was an honour and incredible experience. After watching 'The Phone Call' I knew that James would convey the emotion in the storytelling in a fitting way, one this memoir deserves."

Lucas previously said: "In many ways, I believe all paths led me to make this film. Its topography, emotional and psychological drama, bohemianism, beauty, characters and artistic process all align with my life and the way I have lived it.

“I’m grateful to Kate Moss and the Freud Estate for entrusting me with this precious and unconventional love story. It allows our diverse audience to take a look behind the curtain and see, truthfully, what makes these cultural titans tick."