Emily Blunt: I’ve done dangerous things when drunk (exclusive)

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The adaptation of Paula Hawkins’ hit novel ‘The Girl on the Train’ hits cinemas this week on 5 October, with Emily Blunt in the lead role as Rachel, the unreliable drunk who gets embroiled in a murder mystery.

She may hold a vital piece of information but – due to being blackout drunk – she simply can’t remember it. It’s a situation that Emily Blunt herself can relate to.

“I have done dangerous things while drunk,” explains the 33-year-old star.

“I’ve done very silly things in my early 20s.”

Emily Blunt in The Girl on the Train - Credit: eOne
Emily Blunt in The Girl on the Train – Credit: eOne

She’s not the only one. Co-star Luke Evans, who plays Scott Hipwell in the film, says it’s something everyone does.

“We’ve all been there,” says Evans.

“We’ve all drunk a bit too much, and woken up in the morning and been reminded of something stupid that we’ve done. I don’t think I’ve ‘blacked out’ to the point where Rachel does, waking up with no knowledge except blood on her hands, that would be a terrifying moment.”

Fans of the book will notice a few changes have been made to the story, most noticeably in its setting.

Luke Evans and Hayley Bennett as Scott and Megan Hipwell - Credit: eOne
Luke Evans and Hayley Bennett as Scott and Megan Hipwell – Credit: eOne

Where the Rachel of the book trundled along on her train through the sleep British countryside into London, the Rachel of the movie lives in upstate New York, with her train travelling into Grand Central Station, but why did they relocate the story?

“I think it was moved more for a universal scope for the film,” explained Emily Blunt to Yahoo Movies.

“It’s quite cinematic, that Hudson Line going into Grand Central.”

Early reports on the film suggested the film was relocated to America to accentuate the depths of Rachel’s drinking habits. The logic being that the UK has a much more normalised drinking culture than the USA, where casual drinking is seen as a bit more taboo, however Blunt refutes this theory.

“I don’t think [it was moved] because of the British drinking culture, although I do feel it is a little more acceptable in the UK. I think [drinking] is just part of our DNA to drink.”

‘The Girl On The Train’ is in UK cinemas from 5 October.

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