Emily Blunt On Hilariously Refusing Nude Scene In 'Sicario'


Emily Blunt has revealed how she vetoed a planned nude scene in her latest movie, ‘Sicario’.

Speaking on the Howard Stern Show yesterday, she explained how she managed to side-step the part where she appeared topless opposite co-star Benicio Del Toro.

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“That was in there originally,” said Blunt, after Stern bemoaned a lack of toplessness in the movie, “but it came out.”

As to why, she answered 'we didn’t agree with it’, adding that it was her breasts that disagreed with the scene.

“My t*ts!… We’re not doing it!” she added. “Benicio backed me up. It was a scene between he and I. He’s like my brother now.”


Blunt recently hit the headlines following her recent American citizenship.

The 32-year-old actress, who has been married to actor John Krasinski since 2010, said that following her swearing in ceremony, she felt a sudden pang of regret.

“I became an American citizen recently and that night we decided to watch the Republican debate, and I thought this was a terrible mistake. What have I done?” she told the Hollywood Reporter.

“I’m not sure I’m entirely thrilled about it. People ask me about the whole day. They were like, ‘Oh it must have been so emotional.’ I was like, ‘It wasn’t, it was sad. I like being British.’”

Fox News didn’t take kindly to the remark, branding her rude and suggesting she leave Hollywood if she’s so unhappy with the state of the USA.


“Why don’t you leave Hollywood, California, and let some American women take on the roles that you’re getting, because Americans are watching your movies and lining your pockets,” said anchor Anna Kooiman.

Steve Doocy, her co-host, then added: “You know what Emily Blunt just did? She just Dixie Chicked herself. She has alienated half the country, that now will think twice about going to one of her movies.”

FBI thriller 'Sicario’, directed by Denis Villeneuve and also starring Josh Brolin, is currently riding sterling reviews.

It’s bagged itself a 92% 'fresh’ rating on reviews aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes.

The movie is due out in the UK on October 8.

Image credits: Yahoo/Lionsgate