Emily Ratajkowski calls out Judd Apatow’s This is 40 for its treatment of Megan Fox

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Emily Ratajkowski calls out Judd Apatow’s This is 40 for its treatment of Megan Fox
 (AFP Getty Images / Shutterstock)
(AFP Getty Images / Shutterstock)

Emily Ratajkowski has called out Judd Apatow’s film This is 40 for its objectification of Megan Fox.

The model spoke about the 2012 comedy during a conversation with Amy Schumer this weekend.

Ratajkowski said that although the film is “hilarious and very spot-on”, she feels negatively about how Fox’s character is depicted.

“So that movie is hilarious and very spot-on,” said Ratajkowski. “I recommend everybody who has a husband or wife and kids to watch it, [but] Megan Fox is treated in it so badly.”

In response, Schumer asked: “Oh, that movie is not ageing well?” to which Ratajkowski replied: “That movie is not ageing well.”

In This is 40 – which also starred Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd – Fox’s character Desi is accused of stealing money from the boutique and is forced to reveal she also works as an escort. There are moments in the film where her character is also sexually objectified.

While Fox has not spoken about This is 40 specifically, the actor has previously opened up about how her mental health was negatively impacted by the way she was portrayed in films and by the media.

 (Apatow Productions/Kobal/Shutterstock)
(Apatow Productions/Kobal/Shutterstock)

In a 2019 interview with ET Canada, Fox spoke to her Jennifer’s Body director Diablo Cody about how being sexualised and objectified had become a recurring theme in her early career.

“It wasn’t just [Jennifer’s Body], it was every day of my life, all the time, with every project I worked on and every producer I worked with,” said Fox.

“It preceded a breaking point for me. I think I had a genuine psychological breakdown where I wanted just nothing to do.”

The Independent has contacted a representative of Apatow’s for comment.

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