Emily Ratajkowski insists getting divorced before 30 is 'chic'

Emily Ratajkowski has insisted that getting divorced before the age of 30 is "chic".

The 32-year-old model took to TikTok on Wednesday to share her support for those who have gone through a divorce in their 20s.

"So it seems that a lot of ladies are getting divorced before they turn 30 and as someone who got married at 26, has been separated for a little over a year, 32, I have to tell you, I don't think there's anything better," Emily began the video.

The model married film producer Sebastian Bear-McClard in 2018. The pair then welcomed their son, Sylvester Apollo, in 2021, before getting divorced the following year, a month after Emily's 31st birthday.

"Being in your 20s is the trenches," she continued. "There is nothing better than being in your 30s, still being hot, maybe having a little bit of your own money, figuring out what you want to do with your life and everything and having tried that married fantasy and realising that it's maybe not all it's cracked up to be."

Emily concluded the video by congratulating those who made the decision to split from their spouses.

"So for all those people who are being stressed about that, about being divorced, it's good. Congratulations. Congratulations," the Gone Girl actress said.

Emily added in the caption, "Personally I find it chic to be divorced by the age of 30."

The video was posted hours after Sophie Turner, 27, confirmed her split from her husband Joe Jonas, 34. The pair were married for four years.