Emma McVey struggling with single parenting after Gary Beadle split

Emma McVey says life as a single mum is hard following her split from Gaz Beadle credit:Bang Showbiz
Emma McVey says life as a single mum is hard following her split from Gaz Beadle credit:Bang Showbiz

Emma McVey has been struggling as a single parent to two children following her split from Gary 'Gaz' Beadle.

The 34-year-old is mum to son Chester, five, and daughter Primrose, three with the former ‘Geordie Shore’ star, 35, but their two-year-marriage recently broke down and Emma has admitted she's been overwhelmed caring for the kids on her own.

In a post on Instagram, she posted a picture of herself with the kids and wrote: "The strength these two give me is a strength I never knew I had. Somedays are good, somedays are really hard. Doing this alone 6 nights a week, trying to heal, trying to work, planning both their birthdays and Christmas in the space of 6 weeks, the mental load alone seriously sends my head into a fuzz most days."

She added: "The guilt eats me alive that my children won’t have the two parent household that I always imagined for them, but I know a happy house is more important. To anyone else going through this right now my advice is take it day by day, and if that’s too much, hour by hour."

The post seemingly sparked a wave of trolling and Emma later added some words defending herself and insisting she doesn't want to speak publicly about the reason for the split in a bid to protect the kids.

She wrote: "I have chosen not to speak to protect my children. I don't post every single thing I do on Stories or Snapchat because I try to keep most part of our lives private.

"But I am going to speak as I'm so tired of having silly opinions all over my posts. We separated for so so many reasons of which I do not need to air because I wouldn't want the kids growing up with it all over the internet.

"A lot has happened that won't be spoken about, so please do not judge me and think you know my situation. Just because I don't cry on my socials and tell you all doesn't mean I haven't been going through hell."

Gaz was the first to share the news of the split and insisted there is “no bad blood” between the pair despite Emma apparently being “blindsided” by his decision. He broke the news in an Instagram question-and-answer session, telling his followers: “Hey no we actually separated about 3 weeks ago we are still friends there is no bad blood or anything and we have worked out the best way of doing it for the kids which for me and Emma is always gunna be the most important thing.” He added: “We both deserve to be happy as well as being parents.”