Emma Raducanu tells girls they don’t need men in revised fairy tales

Emma Raducanu
Ms Raducanu reads from Fairer Tales, an alternative take on the stories of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel

Emma Raducanu has backed a reimagining of a classic fairy tale that writes out Prince Charming as a lesson to girls that they do not need men to achieve financial success.

Appearing in a video for HSBC in which she reads from “Fairer Tales” – a book by Emma Dodds published in 2018 – the one-time tennis grand slam champion urges youngsters to make money for themselves.

Ms Dodds’s alternative takes on the stories of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel all but writes out the stock character of Prince Charming from the narratives.

In the reimagined story, Cinderella dreams of designing a sports shoe as she washes up after her stepsisters

Rather than running off to wed the wealthy prince, the protagonists instead make their own fortunes by starting up businesses or investing.

The stories include Cinderella making a fortune off of inventing her own sports shoe and Rapunzel becoming a property mogul after cutting her hair and using it as rope to escape her tower, which she then renovates and lets for income.

Sleeping Beauty benefits from a hundred years’ interest on her pocket money savings during her slumber after she is awoken by Prince Charming ringing her doorbell, telling him: “I don’t need a kiss because all your noisy ringing has already woken me up. And I’m certainly not going to marry you, we’ve only just met!”

Sleeping Beauty
In the book, Sleeping Beauty isn't happy about being woken up from her 100-year slumber by Prince Charming

Cinderella, meanwhile, is advised by her fairy godmother that she does not “need to marry a prince to get away from all [her chores].”

Rapunzel’s business ventures are so successful that she is able to invest in Cinderella’s shoe company, in which she buys shares.

Ms Raducanu concludes her narration, saying: “Rapunzel is now a free woman, who earns lots of money and is able to live well. She even has some spare money, which she can use to buy a share in Cinderella’s new and exciting sports shoe business.

Rapunzel uses her hair to escape her tower, which she then renovates and lets out

“Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and Rapunzel are all successful young women. They have used their brains, imagination and good sense to earn enough money to look after themselves without a Prince Charming in sight.”

The nine-minute video is part of the bank’s financial education programme and aims to help children aged between three and seven years old “learn how earning and managing their money wisely can lead to exciting adventures and achieving their goals”.

Raducanu, who is ranked as the world’s 214th best woman tennis player, was hailed as the sport’s new wunderkind when she won the US Open in 2021.

HSBC is one of several sponsors whose backing makes her the sixth highest earning professional tennis player – taking home an estimated $15.3m (£12.2m) annually – despite only winning five matches this year.

The ace was also inactive for over four months due to a wrist and ankle injury that required operations in the spring.

Raducanu’s other sponsors include Dior, Tiffany, Evian, British Airways, Porsche, Wilson, Nike and Vodafone.