Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder Spoof Sydney Sweeney and Glenn Powell’s ‘Anyone but You’ Intro in New ‘The Curse’ Promo

As “The Curse” prepared to air its second episode on Showtime and Paramount+, its co-creator and star Nathan Fielder participated in an irreverent marketing stunt that could have been ripped straight from a “Nathan for You” episode.

In a new promotional video that was shown before “The Curse” trailers on Instagram, Fielder and his co-star Emma Stone recreated a similar pre-trailer video that Sydney Sweeney and Glenn Powell previously released for their upcoming Sony rom-com “Anyone but You.” The original video shows Sweeney and Powell flirtatiously arguing about who the real star of the enemies-to-lovers film is, before reluctantly agreeing that it’s “our movie” and introducing the trailer. Fielder and Stone recreated the dialogue verbatim, but added a healthy dose of Fielder’s trademark awkwardness.

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Watch both videos below for comparison.

“I’ve just been informed that the introductory clip leading into our trailer for ‘The Curse’ which I posted to social media earlier today has similarities to the trailer introduction for the romcom movie ‘Anyone but You,’” Fielder wrote. “I want to be very clear — we shot this promo over six months ago, and I am seriously concerned that the marketing team at Sony Pictures somehow saw our promo and copied it. I personally will not be pursuing legal action, but I cannot speak for Paramount+ or Showtime.”

“Anyone but You” director Will Gluck then joined in on the fun, admitting to stealing the idea in a fake apology posted on his own Instagram account.

“In today’s era of cancel culture, sometimes it’s better to just own your mistakes. We did indeed steal the trailer launch idea from ‘The Curse’ and for that, we deeply apologize to Paramount+, Showtime, Nathan Fielder, and Emma Stone,” Gluck wrote. “I know words are hollow, but please in the holiday spirit, try to forgive our missteps.”

New episodes of “The Curse” air Sunday nights at 10pm E.T. on Showtime’s linear channel and stream weekly on Paramount+. “Anyone but You” opens in theaters on Friday, December 22. Nathan Fielder and “The Curse” co-creator Benny Safdie will be honored with the Wavelength Award at the 2023 IndieWire Honors.

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