Emma Stone really wanted to see Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds’ impassioned Golden Globes kiss

[Image by Summit Entertainment]
[Image by Summit Entertainment]

Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds’ kiss was easily the highlight of the entire Golden Globes ceremony, as both actors took solace in each other after missing out in their respective Best Actor categories.

They actually jumped the gun a bit when it came to their kiss, though. That’s because Reynolds and Garfield locked lips after it was announced that it was ‘La La Land’s’ Ryan Gosling that had won Best Performance in A Motion Picture – Musical Or Comedy, which was quite a bit before Garfield found out that ‘Manchester By The Sea’s’ Casey Affleck had beaten him.

After the Golden Globes had finally come to an end, Reynolds and Garfield’s smooch was the talk of Tinseltown. Emma Stone had a vested interest in the kiss, though, as she previously dated Andrew Garfield after meeting him on the set of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’.

So when Entertainment Tonight decided to show Emma Stone, Ryan Gosling, and ‘La La Land’ director Damien Chazelle the clip, she basically pushed the duo out of the way so that she could watch it in all of its glory. You can check out her reaction below.

As well as Garfield and Reynolds’ smooch, Emma Stone had another reason to enjoy Sunday night as she walked away with the Best Actress for Musical or Comedy because of her work in ‘La La Land’.

And just to prove there’s absolutely no love lost between the pair, Andrew Garfield gave her a standing ovation as she walked up to collect the award. The duo put other Hollywood couples that split up to shame.

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