Emma Stone Wears a Dramatic Peplum Gown by Louis Vuitton at the 2024 Oscars

Emma Stone saved one of her most striking red carpet ensembles of the year for Oscar night. The Best Actress nominee stepped out on the red carpet wearing a custom white peplum gown by Louis Vuitton. She posed solo during her big night.

Stone’s makeup look channeled soft glam, and her auburn-red hair was styled down in soft curls.

96th annual academy awards arrivals
Kevin Mazur - Getty Images
96th annual academy awards arrivals
John Shearer - Getty Images

Stone’s film Poor Things has 11 nominations tonight, including her Best Actress nod and one for the entire team in the Best Picture category. Stone has won a Best Actress Oscar before for La La Land in 2017. This was Stone’s look the night she won that award:

89th annual academy awards arrivals
Dan MacMedan - Getty Images

The actress expressed her gratitude for her second Best Actress nod and all Poor Things’ honors when the 2024 Academy Awards nominations were shared.

“Eleven nominations for Poor Things feels like a surreal dream,” Stone said. “I am beyond grateful to the Academy for including me as both an actress and producer among this group of exceptional nominees and for recognizing our film in so many categories.”

At the end of February, Stone and Poor Things director, Yorgos Lanthimos, spoke to Variety about her character, Bella. Stone, who suffered from severe childhood anxiety, reflected on why playing such a liberated, shameless character resonated with her.

“I think that’s why I was so crazy about her [because of her nature],” Stone said. “It’s the idea of not living with that self-judgment or shame, as you say, or the social contracts that you make as a child growing up. And part of the nature of anxiety is that you’re always watching yourself. In some ways—this is horrible to say—it’s a very selfish condition to have. Not to insult other people with anxiety—I still have it—but it’s because you’re thinking about yourself a lot. You’re thinking about, ‘What’s going to happen to me? What have I said? What have I done?’ Whereas Bella’s way of approaching the world, it’s just about experience. It’s just about how she feels about things.”

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