Emma Watson 'most dangerous' celeb on the web

Searches for the Harry Potter star can lead users to malicious websites more than any other celebrity

Emma Watson has been named 'the most dangerous celebrity on the internet', with around one in eight internet searches on her leading users to malicious websites.

The 'Harry Potter' star has now replaced Heidi Klum as the previous number one on a list produced annually by web security firm McAfee.

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Watson... be careful what you search for (Copyright: PA)

Watson beat the likes of Jessica Biel, Eva Mendes, Selena Gomez, Halle Berry and Salma Hayek, who also feature in the top 10.

12.6 per cent of searches for Watson led to sites which could infect computers with spyware, spam, adware and viruses. Particularly risky were searches combining phrases such as 'Emma Watson free downloads' and 'Emma Watson nude pictures'.

“In today's celebrity culture, consumers expect to be able to go online to catch up with the latest photos, videos, tweets, and stories about their favourite celebrities,” said Paula Greve of McAfee.

“Due to the richness of the data and the high interaction, often times consumers forget the risks that they are taking by clicking on the links.”

Searching for men is much less risky, it seems, with US comedian and talk show host Jimmy Kimmel being the first man to turn up on the list at number 13, and the only man in the top 20.

Here's the top 10 in full:

1. Emma Watson
2. Jessica Biel
3. Eva Mendes
4. Selena Gomez
5. Halle Berry
6. Megan Fox
7. Shakira
8. Cameron Diaz
9. Salma Hayek
10. Sofia Vergara