Will Emma Watson Play The Little Mermaid? Rumours Build That Sofia Coppola Has Cast Her Lead

Those rumours that Emma Watson is taking the lead in a new live action take on The Little Mermaid have stepped up a gear, following reports yesterday that Sofia Coppola is on board to direct.

The Bling Ring director is currently negotiating with Universal Pictures and Working Title to make a live-action adaptation of the fairytale, reports Deadline, and it sounds like she only has one lady in mind for her lead star.

A source has told The Sun newspaper that Sofia is keen to reunite with her Bling Ring star for the new project: ''Sofia wants Emma, and the pair have such a respect for each other, it would be very surprising if they carry on without each other".

Will Emma Watson play the Little Mermaid? (WENN)

''Movie companies Universal and Working Title want to move quickly on this so expect an announcement soon.''

It's not the first time Emma has been linked to the live action film though, as rumours circulated last month that the actress had already been cast. It turns out the story was created by a Harry Potter fansite on April 1, 2013 as an April Fools joke that has enjoyed a random resurgence in recently. The rumours even claimed that Daniel Radcliffe, Emma's Harry Potter co-star, is slated to play Prince Eric.

Director Sofia Coppola is said to be in negotiations for The Little Mermaid remake (FameFlyNet)

Hans Christian Andersen's classic was made famous in 1989 by Disney's animated version. Don't expect singing crabs and a red headed beauty though as Coppola is thought to be planning a version more in keeping with the original 1837 story.

The much darker original sees a broken-hearted Little Mermaid commit suicide after her Prince marries another woman. Caroline Thompson, who worked on Edward Scissorhands, is rewriting the script after Fifty Shades of Grey's Kelly Marcel, and Shame writer Abi Morgan previously attempted drafts.

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