Emmerdale airs arrest over Craig Reed death

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Sam Dingle has been arrested over Craig Reed's death in Emmerdale.

Viewers know that Sam didn't actually kill the rapist, as flashbacks have revealed that Craig was actually trampled by Kim Tate's horse when he tried to attack it.

However, Sam had confessed privately to his family that he'd assaulted Craig on the day he died and believes the villain may have died from his injuries.

In Friday's (November 3) episode, Will revealed to Pollard that Kim had to take a sudden trip to Dubai so she was nowhere to be found when her prized horse turned up in the village.

emmerdale's sam dingle

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Over at Wishing Well Cottage, a panicked Lydia admitted to Sam that she didn't think she could lie to the police in order to give him an alibi.

While the various Dingles struggled to get their stories straight before being quizzed by DS Wise, Cain tried to assure Sam that the police had no actual evidence to implicate him.

"Just hold your nerve. It'll all come good. Trust me," Cain demanded.

By the time the detectives came around, Lydia had rushed out of the cottage, leaving Sam to face questioning on his own. DS Wise warned Sam he'd need a "water-tight alibi" because he had a "very clear motive" for wanting to harm Craig.

When the police returned later to question Lydia, Sam revealed she wasn't home but would set them straight as soon as she got back.

"That's assuming we won't get any conflicting DNA results back in the meantime, in which case we'd have to discount any such alibi," the detectives told him.

emmerdale's sam dingle

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The detectives explained that they'd found "traces of blood" on Craig that don't match his own DNA, so they believe whoever attacked him must have injured themselves in the process.

Sam tried to hold his composure as he glanced down at his own bloody knuckles, but eventually confessed that he had indeed hit Craig.

"I didn't kill him. He got back up. He walked off, he was shouting," Sam desperately explained. "He weren't dead when I left him, nowhere near."

A stunned Mandy and Cain looked on as Sam was arrested on suspicion of murder by DS Wise and his partner.

"Tell Lydia I'm sorry," Sam begged his relatives.

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