Emmerdale star Isabel Hodgins teases Victoria's heartbreak over Jacob

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale star Isobel Hodgins has revealed that there is heartbreak in store for Victoria Sugden.

Victoria has been getting closer to Jacob Gallagher in recent weeks, but next week's scenes will see Jacob grow more distant with seemingly no explanation.

Hodgins, who debuted as Victoria in 2006, spoke with Inside Soap about the upcoming scenes, explaining that her character will be left confused by Jacob's apparent change of heart.

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"She's not happy!" said Hodgins. "Jacob was the one who fought for them to be together, so she doesn't get why he's done this U-turn. She's hurt and confused."

Speaking about the future for Victoria and Jacob, the star said: "I think they have a future together - I don't quite know how! It's complicated with David, and Leyla hates Victoria, but in the confines of just the two of them, there's longevity - they are in love!"

She added: "I think they're very sweet. They're both nice, kind, caring people. And I think they have the same morals and values, so it works. I'd tell Victoria to follow her heart. She deserves to be happy and she wants to shout it from the rooftops - but she can't, because of obvious reasons!"

Joe-Warren Plant, who has played Jacob since 2010, has also spoken about the storyline, saying that his character is worried about having the secret romance discovered by other residents of the village.

jacob gallagher, victoria barton, emmerdale

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"Jacob is super scared about the possibility of anyone finding out – not just Leyla and David, but everybody else in the village because people gossip and talk. Jacob's smart and he knows how to make sure that people don't find out," he said.

"At the same time, though, sometimes he jumps the gun a little bit or does things without really thinking because he's passionate about the situation. Sometimes [he] might leave a little trail behind, or put himself in situations which may be detrimental, as people could find out."

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