Emmerdale's Angel rushed in for emergency operation

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

The village was rocked by a car crash in the latest episode of Emmerdale, leaving Nicola and Jimmy fearing for Angel.

The ITV soap aired a double bill tonight (May 25), seeing Jimmy King struggling to come to terms with cutting off his nephew Tom. In recent scenes, Tom relocated to the Dales from Leeds and briefly rekindled his romance with Belle Dingle.

As for Jimmy, his wife Nicola noticed he hadn't been his usual self since his nephew got back. Following his decision to keep Tom away, Nicola tried to reassure Jimmy he'd done the right thing choosing to focus on his family.

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However, Jimmy's head was still very much in the clouds as he mulled over his actions. As a result, he forgot to take Angel to the dentist, leaving an angered and overwhelmed Nicola to drive her daughter to her appointment.

Running late for her councillors' meeting, Nicola jumped in the car after leaving a furious voicemail to Jimmy and lashing out at Angel.

On their way to the doctor, an exasperated Nicola continued raging to Angel, not realising Moira Dingle was coming towards her at an unsighted junction. The two vehicles crashed, leaving an injured Angel unconscious in the back seat.

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Rushing to the scene of the accident, Tom found the two women in despair as Angel was bleeding from a cut in her leg.

He promptly took action, making sure to keep her warm and stop the bleeding, performing first aid as they waited for an ambulance.

Once the paramedics arrived, Tom reassured his aunt that Angel would be fine. He offered to call Jimmy and gather Nicola's things from the car while she drove in the ambulance with her daughter, who had regained consciousness in the meantime.

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Tom went to see his uncle to get him to the hospital. There, the doctor informed Angel's parents she would need a full body scan to rule out any intracranial damage.

Tom did his best to support and comfort his aunt and uncle in the waiting room, making himself useful.

In the final scenes, it was revealed that Angel's CT scan was clear, but the doctor was concerned about the arteries in her leg as a result of her broken femur. The girl had to be brought in for emergency surgery, while Jimmy and Nicola waited outside.

Emmerdale airs on weeknights at 7.30pm on ITV1, and streams on ITVX.

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