Emmerdale's Moira to face online backlash amid Nicola feud

Emmerdale spoilers follow.

Emmerdale's Moira Dingle finds her reputation under threat next week as Nicola King remains on the warpath over their car crash.

Moira is shocked by how far Nicola is taking their new feud after they fell out over the recent road accident.

Earlier this week, Moira and Nicola had a road collision at a difficult junction. Nicola's daughter Angel was hurt in the accident and won't be fully recovered for a few months.

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In next week's episodes, Nicola's husband Jimmy questions her priorities as he urges her to visit Angel in hospital.

Nicola refuses as she's much more interested in her pursuit of justice. She deludes herself into thinking that she's doing this for Angel rather than herself.

First stop for Nicola is the local doctors' surgery, but Liam Cavanagh warns that there's no medical evidence to substantiate her claims. This only makes Nicola angrier as she remains determined to punish Moira.

Later, Angel gets involved by urging Nicola to accept that the crash was a simple accident.

nicola king, angel king, emmerdale

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Nicola seems to be giving this some thought, but she soon goes behind Angel's back and makes damning posts online about Moira's alleged guilt in the crash incident.

Moira is stunned when she realises that her young son Isaac is now being bullied at school thanks to Nicola's online rants.

Moira turns up at Victoria Cottage, threatening to take action against the defamatory rumours that Nicola is spreading.

nicola king, angel, emmerdale

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Things only get worse for Nicola when Angel turns against her, claiming that she's the one responsible for the crash rather than Moira.

With the situation turning nasty, will Nicola regret taking things so far?

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