Enjoy Breakfast In An Edible Pouch Using The Envelope Egg Technique

Cracked egg on white surface
Cracked egg on white surface - Stockcam/Getty Images

You've scrambled, fried, poached, boiled, and baked, but have you ever made an egg into an envelope? The latter is the latest addition to the canon of TikTok-spawned egg cookery. It involves separating the egg from the white, cooking the white into a thin, pancake-like sheet, dropping the yolk in the middle, and folding the white around it to form a perfect little breakfast pouch. If you're a fan of runny yolks but can never manage to achieve perfectly cooked whites, this might be your new favorite recipe.

The viral method first appeared on the TikTok channel @sunnycuisine, made its way to Twitter, and has since made waves on the breakfast plates of egg-loving cooks far and wide. Emmy Cho of the YouTube channel emymade tried it out in her kitchen and, after some trial and error, devised some helpful tips that aren't mentioned in the original TikTok. Here's how to ace it on the first try.

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Double Up On Egg Whites

Cooking egg on pan
Cooking egg on pan - YouTube

Cooking an egg into an envelope that contains itself might sound like a tricky task. On the contrary, it's even more foolproof than a standard fried egg, whose ratio of yolk-doneness to white-doneness can be challenging to get right.

Start by separating the yolk from the whites, taking care to keep the yolk intact. As emymade discovered, one egg white is not enough to coat the bottom of a pan, so she recommends using two. She also passes the whites through a fine-mesh strainer and adds a tablespoon of water to achieve a smooth, even consistency. After a pinch of salt and a quick whisk, add the whites to a medium-high skillet, preferably nonstick or well-seasoned cast iron, and let it set for 10 to 15 seconds or until it starts to form tiny bubbles on the surface.

Next, over low heat, carefully peel away the edges of the semi-cooked egg white for easy folding. Plop your egg yolk in the center and fold each side of the egg-white sheet over it, making four turns in total. Give it a flip, let it cook for a few more seconds, and transfer your squarish egg parcel to a plate.

A Pouch Of Possibility

cooked egg on a plate
cooked egg on a plate - YouTube

The envelope egg technique is a great alternative to your average fried or scrambled egg, but its unique form also allows for plenty of creative spins. The opportunity for experimentation comes to a head at the yolk-dropping phase. When you add the yolk to the center of your spread-out egg white, you might consider adding additional ingredients for a modern, stylish omelet.

This could be something as simple and texturally non-obtrusive as grated cheese, chopped herbs, or garlic and chili flakes. Or, if you're extra careful with your folding and flipping technique, you could add some more substantial ingredients like pre-sauteed mushrooms, spinach, and goat cheese; tomato confit; or your favorite cured meat. You could even sneak in a drizzle of maple syrup for a take on Québécois version of poached eggs in syrup. There's a world of flavorful possibilities inside that little egg envelope.

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