Enjoy A Root Beer Float From McDonald's With A Simple Hack

McDonald's soft serve ice cream in a cone
McDonald's soft serve ice cream in a cone - Wachiwit/Shutterstock

When you're craving a burger and fries, fast food giant McDonald's has a menu that is always a surefire pick. They've got affordable meals that taste great, and you can find one just about anywhere in the world.

Now, beyond the Big Macs and McNuggets most famous at this restaurant chain, the place also knows a thing or two about dessert. They've got their signature apple pies as well as a myriad of ice cream dishes such as the McFlurry, tasty sundaes, and delicious soft-serve cones. But, even though the dessert menu is quite lengthy, one thing you won't find on it is root beer floats.

Still, if you're craving one of these sweet treats at Mickey D's, there is a way to get your hands on one — via the secret menu. Of course, if you want to enjoy one yourself, you've got to know what to say and how to order one.

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How To Order A Root Beer Float At McDonald's

Person filling McDonald's soda cup
Person filling McDonald's soda cup - Mario Tama/Getty Images

The easiest way to enjoy a root beer float at McDonald's is to order one by name. Some workers may already be familiar with this secret menu item and will make it for you. However, if the staff say that they can't do that, there's still a workaround. All you have to do is ask for a fountain beverage (any size will do) and a vanilla soft-serve cone or cup. Then, head over to the soda fountain, fill your cup with root beer, and drop your McDonald's ice cream into the soda.

Now, one thing to know about this secret menu hack is that not all McDonald's locations offer root beer. To get a similar treat, however, you can always swap the root beer for coke. Or, feel free to get creative with other soft drinks such as orange soda or ginger ale. It's also important to note that when you mix the ice cream with the soda, the beverage will foam up and can overflow your cup. To get around this, just fill your drink halfway before adding the ice cream. You can always go back and add more soda if there's still room.

Other Ice Cream Hacks To Try At McDonald's

McFlurry on a table
McFlurry on a table -

If you love the idea of McDonald's secret menu desserts, there are plenty of other ones for you to try, all involving this popular frozen delicacy. For starters, you can treat yourself to a coffee milkshake by ordering a vanilla (or any other flavor) milkshake and asking for a shot of espresso. When your meal arrives, pour the espresso into your milkshake and mix it up for a coffee-flavored frozen treat. Another hack to give a whirl is to ask for a Neapolitan shake. Or, order a strawberry, chocolate, and vanilla milkshake all mixed together. Either way, you'll get an explosion of flavor in your cup.

For those who would rather eat their ice cream than drink it, you can also try ordering a hash brown ice cream sandwich. This secret menu item requires you to ask for an Oreo McFlurry and two hash browns. Spread the ice cream inside the potato side and sandwich them together to make a tasty snack. You can also try playing around with different McFlurry flavors to put your own twist on this creation. Whichever one of these hacks you decide to try out, there are plenty of secret menu ice creams out there to check out next time you head to the Golden Arches.

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