Enjoy some sweet nostalgia with these homemade cereal recipes

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Cereal is a quick and easy breakfast staple that’s a favorite with children and adults alike. While you’re never too old for a bowl of cereal, many store-bought options are loaded with sugar and lack the nutritional value you need for a well-balanced morning meal. Fortunately, making your own cereal at home is actually pretty easy. Here are five homemade cereal recipes for some tasty nostalgia with no unwanted hidden ingredients!

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1. Homemade French toast cereal

This recipe combines two breakfast classics into one! Begin by flattening out slices of bread, removing all the air, so the cereal is extra crispy. Next, cut the flattened bread into little squares, then toss those in a mixture of eggs, milk and vanilla extract. After baking, cover them with some cinnamon and sugar. Serve in a bowl with your choice of milk, or add some maple syrup if your sweet tooth is beckoning. 

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2. Homemade vegan Reese’s Puffs cereal

Who doesn’t love Reese’s Puffs? This vegan rendition involves a base dough made from flour, salt, peanut butter, maple syrup and vanilla extract. Mix half the dough with cocoa powder, and leave the other half as is. Roll into little balls and bake. Serve with your favorite plant-based milk and enjoy!

3. Homemade macaron cereal

Macaron lovers will definitely want to try this cereal version of the popular French cookie. TikToker @sugarsisters.ie uses a piping bag to add small dots of a buttercream cake mix to a baking sheet. After baking, she adds a little dollop of cream to the first cookie half before adding the other half on top. The finished product is a bowl of mini macarons that look almost too cute to eat! 

4. Homemade Cracklin’ Oat cereal

This pretty cereal is a cottagecore fantasy. The recipe involves a dough made from almond flour, oat flour, shredded coconut, coconut sugar, cinnamon, molasses, maple syrup, coconut oil and eggs. Once mixed, the dough is pressed down evenly on a baking sheet before it’s baked, cut into pieces and baked again for a few more minutes. Serve with an assortment of berries and your choice of milk. Then dust with powdered sugar. 

5. Homemade Cocoa Puffs cereal

Go cuckoo for homemade Cocoa Puffs! TikToker @eitan combines flour, cocoa powder, honey, milk and eggs before kneading the mixture to form a dough. Next, he rolls the dough into tiny balls and lines those on a baking sheet. Once the cocoa balls are baked and cooled, it’s finally time for breakfast!

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