Stephen Colbert and Wife Evie Honor Their Late Dads for Father’s Day: ‘An Incredible Blessing’ | Video

As America prepares to celebrate Father’s Day on Sunday, late night host Stephen Colbert and his wife Evie McGee-Colbert reminded viewers that the holiday isn’t just for the dads who are still with us today.

The “Late Show” host invited his significant other to join him for a segment of ‘First Drafts’ on Friday, where they broke down the hypothetical creative process behind a few Father’s Day cards.

The cards in question read: “To my hero, role model, and best friend”; “On Father’s Day, I feel so lucky”; “Happy Father’s Day, master builder”; and “Here’s something I bet you didn’t know.” Of course, all four cards came complete with their actual written messages … as well as opposing punchlines delivered by the starring couple.

The couple also made sure to share their own Father’s Day plans, which will involve the eldest two of their three kids. “Just tell them they don’t have to get me anything,” Colbert said, to which McGee replied, “They’re coming. I think that’s a great gift.”

However, the CBS clip wasn’t just an opportunity for the comedian and the actress/producer to squeeze in some patriarch-themed jokes. They also opened up about their personal relationships to the holiday having lost both of their fathers: Colbert’s dad died in September 1974 in a plane crash, while McGee’s dad died earlier this year.

“I was worried about this because my dad died just five weeks ago and I was a little worried about Father’s Day. But I want to say, I think Father’s Day and Mother’s Day and all of those days are wonderful chances to remember, not just the fathers you have now, but the ones you had who are still in your heart,” McGee shared with her husband. “So we’re going to talk about your father and my father, and I want to thank you for helping me. [You] got me through a very difficult time in my life, so thank you.”

“I lost my father when I was 10, and your father was the greatest model that I never got to see in action,” Colbert replied. “My father was a great man, but to know your father for as long as I did was an incredible blessing in my life and he made every Father’s Day special to me. Thank you for making me part of your family led by that man.”

Naturally, the pair ended the segment on a positive note with one last greeting card set-up: “You’re always there for me, Dad.”

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