ESPN cuts to commercial during buzzer-beating layup attempt in Spurs-Lakers game

Not cool, ESPN.

The San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers got the late game slot during ESPN’s NBA coverage Wednesday night. The game was a good one, and set up for a thrilling finish.

The Lakers, playing at home, had an inbounds play in the front court with 4.8 seconds remaining in a 108-108 game. Rookie guard Josh Hart inbounded the ball and immediately got it back on a designed play to get him a layup.

Then this happened.


I mean. That can’t be an accident, can it? The timing is just too perfect. Somebody with a finger on the commercial button, a mildly cruel sense of humor and a disregard for his or her job security surely did that for laughs, right?

Of course that’s just speculation. The truth has yet to be uncovered.

But if you’re curious about how that missed layup looked, NBA Twitter’s got you covered.

And, for the record, the Lakers crushed it in overtime to deliver another blow to an increasingly frustrating Spurs season.

ESPN most definitely did not give viewers what they wanted at the end of regulation of Wednesday’s Spurs-Lakers game. (AP)

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