Euphoria star Dominic Fike admits it was 'hard to take advice' from sober coach

Dominic Fike has revealed his sober coach on Euphoria didn't work.

The actor, who played the drug addict Elliott in the Emmy-winning show, has admitted he is also an addict in real life.

"I actually am a pretty big drug addict myself, believe it or not," he told Variety.

However, when show creator Sam Levinson hired a sober coach to help Dominic stay on track while filming, the plan didn't work.

"When I was on Euphoria they kind of just gave me a coach who would just talk to you. It was just some random lady," he said.

"We had nothing in common. We didn't come from the same places or the same problems. It was hard to take advice from someone like that or give a s**t," he said.

Dominic, 28, admitted he's unsure whether he'll be asked to return for season three, although he thought it would be "dope" if he could.

"Last time I talked to them, it was cool, (but) I don't really talk to them anymore," he shared. "Who knows, I've got stuff to do."

Dominic's new film Little Death premiered at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival last week. He plays an addict in the movie.